All information about fish farming is now in your hands!

With the complete and scientific method of fish farming, the mobile app is now in your reach Rupali App wants to stand next to the fish farmers by providing accurate and timely information about all the cultivable fish, breeding methods of the species, pictures of various diseases, signs, causes, prevention and cure and other information.

What is a Rupali mobile app?

Rupali is a complete mobile application for fish farming. The rupali app has clear ideas on how to grow fish, proper training for cultivation, cost of cultivating a pond, nutritional value of fish and above all, how to make extra income.

Why use Rupali?

Through the use of the silver app, anyone will get the complete cultivation method of the fish, the picture of various diseases, signs, causes, remedies, all information about the fishery, suggestions and answers to various questions.

How to get a Rupali app?

You can easily download the app from the Google Play Store. All you need is a smartphone and the Internet.

About Us

Advanced Chemical Industries (ACI) has been contributing to agriculture and the economy through much needed innovation in agriculture for the past 20 years in Bangladesh. The company is working tirelessly to provide modern agricultural technology to the farmers. ACI's initiative in the fisheries sector is a "Rupali" app.

The digital platform for fish farming - Rupali. Developed by ACI Agribusiness and USAID, this app is the best farmer's solution for fish farming.


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The mobile app "Rupali" has been added a new dimension in fish farming, jointly funded by ACI Agribusiness and USAID. Also participating in the project is the international research firm "WorldFish".